• Fortalezas y Valores de nuestra Familia

    Fortalezas y Valores de nuestra Familia
    "Mamá yo soy del tipo introvertido, verdad?", me pregunta a menudo Thomas tratando de poner etiqueta y de definir lo que es... creo que esto lo hacemos todos, nos decimos a nosotros mismo no soy bueno haciendo tal o cual, y tanto lo repetimos que nos lo creemos y lo damos por hecho. Pensando eso, en las cosas que quiero que mis hijos se...
  • Getting ready for Remote Learning

    Getting ready for Remote Learning
    It is no secret to anyone that this beginning of the 2020 - 2021 school year is more stressful than any other. But if you add to that that I have two children starting elementary school in Kindergarten, it is just more emotional. My three children are going to go to the same school, here we were given the choice if we wanted 100%...
  • Mama bilingüe aprendiendo (3 años después)

    Mama bilingüe aprendiendo (3 años después)
    ¿Si le hablo a mi hijo en español será suficiente para que lo aprenda? ¿Le enseño a leer en español? ¿Tengo que seguir el mismo ritmo de su escuela? ¿Se retrasará en su escuela si le enseño nuevas cosas en español? ¿Busco una maestra de español? ¿Dónde consigo información? ¿Le pregunto al doctor? Estas fueron algunas..
  • 6 years old programming

    6 years old programming
    Thomas is 6 years old and has an incredible curiosity, loves to read, investigate, and do experiments, also likes video games, the computer and the iPad. He says he will be a biologist to be able to research about animals. My husband and I still have hope that he will study computer science like mom and dad, but even if he doesn't like that,...
  • Confessions of a Working Mom

    Confessions of a Working Mom
    I am a mom who works 5 days a week during business hours, I like my job even if it sometimes has its up and downs. I never felt as guilty as the day I returned to work after having the twins, I was so happy to go back to work and resume the "Normal" routine. Despite enjoying what I do, the only things...
  • iPad and my kids

    iPad and my kids
    My husband and I are computer engineers and therefore advocates and fans of technology, however, at the same time we worry about the time that our children spend in front of the iPad, computer, etc. and also how to control how much of what they spend on the iPad is seeing appropriate content for their ages ?. When children are small is much easier to...
  • Nursing Twins ... my experience

    Nursing Twins ... my experience
    I would like to tell you about my experience with breastfeeding to help moms who need encouragement in this process, before I forget everything. When Thomas was born I was very determined to give him exclusive breastfeeding and on demand no matter how much it cost. They were very long nights but it was as I planed. Thomas only tried a bottle before leaving...
  • Auntie and first time mom

    Auntie and first time mom
    What no one ever told an aunt who would soon be mom... When I was pregnant with my first child I was already the aunt of my beautiful niece Emily Sofia, who by that time was 1 year old. When she came to the family, the first niece, the first granddaughter, you can not imagine the happiness that was for everyone on the family....
  • Twins, my dream come true 

    Twins, my dream come true 
    My fraternal twins, a dream I never thought would come true. As a kid I was interested in twins, and I remember asking my mom if it would be possible for me to have twins, and she said well a cousin's daughter had twins or your great-grandmother was a twin, but I saw that so far that it seemed impossible to me. When we found out I...
  • My baby is turning 6

    My baby is turning 6
    My baby is 6 years old today and I am 6 years old as a mom. I know, I know, is no longer a baby and my husband remind me that every day, but for me he will always be my baby that I still want to care and coddle as much as possible. Thomas, on your 6th birthday and every day I want...
  • Bilingual mom learning

    Bilingual mom learning
    In this post I want to tell you some fundamental things that I have learned from my short experience as a bilingual mom, it is the first of many that I want to do, to help with my experience to others. My husband and I are Venezuelans. We learn English by working and we only speak Spanish at home. The truth is that it...
  • My secret and some tips

    My secret and some tips
    How do I manage to work, be a mom of three, go to the gym, attend the house, and also write it in a blog? The answer is quite simple, the secret that everyone who knows me knows: I married  a wonderful man who is an excellent dad. My husband and I are a team, actually we did projects together in college since before we were...
  • Entrepernuers

    Inspired by talented Venezuelans who share information on different topics on social media, for example: To know about Finance you just have to follow and listen to the podcast @juliofinance To know how to manage your social networks follow @veroruizdelvizo To know all about bilingual children listen to the @bilingualaveneu podcast To know how to face your fears @hellofears To find inspiration listen to...
  • My childhood ... My Country

    My childhood ... My Country
    I was born in a small town in Venezuela, where it is summer all year round as in all of Venezuela. My mom comes from a family of 8 and my dad from 11, so you can guess how many uncles/aunts I have and do not even imagine how many cousins. Every December we traveled almost from end to end the country to celebrate Christmas...
  • Our great Responsibility

    Our great Responsibility
    With all the things that are happening in the world: the attacks on Syria, floods in Colombia, and especially the situation in my country Venezuela, I just think about this and how to help. Although I am not in my country to support protests or take more concrete action, I think it is prudent to remember the great responsibility and commitment that we have...
  • Hello World here I go

    Hello World here I go
    This is my first post 😊 with which I want to give a review of the most important moments of my life. The mom in this picture was insecure, nervous but determined to give it all for her baby and do everything perfect for her baby. With Thomas I stayed at home for 6 months. I enjoyed it a lot, he and I were...
  • Summer Bucket List

    Summer Bucket List
    When you live in a country where it is Summer all year, you do not end up appreciating the good weather and in the end, you spend months and months without going to the beach, even though you can go all year round. When the weekends of summer are counted until the cold comes again, it is best to plan very well what the...
  • Family Camping

    Family Camping
    For some time I wanted to go camping with the kids and I came up as an idea to take advantage of the good weather while it lasts and share family time. After having spent 7 hours on a plane with them I feel that there is nothing that we can not do with them. I can tell you in the US you can...
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