Our great Responsibility


With all the things that are happening in the world: the attacks on Syria, floods in Colombia, and especially the situation in my country Venezuela, I just think about this and how to help. Although I am not in my country to support protests or take more concrete action, I think it is prudent to remember the great responsibility and commitment that we have today parents.

When God decided to give me 3 children instead of 2 as I had planned, I realized that my mission in this life was to make these children good men, men who can help to create a better future. I'm not sure if one of my children will be the doctor who discovers the cancer cure, or the engineer who invente clean energy, or maybe the next president of the USA, but I'm sure they'll be citizens who understand the importance of participate and vote in the elections of their country (whatever is that one). They will understand the difference between good and bad.

And although we as parents always take care that they eat healthy food, sleep enough, bring them to their medical control, etc. We must not neglect that human side, the education with values ​​that starts at home, which is as important as those basic needs I listed above.

Because as a Venezuelan to teach them Spanish as a second language is just as important as teaching them my culture and roots. And yes, speaking a second language will give them more opportunities but even more important for me is that they will be able to communicate and interact with their entire family. Thus, to understand the great value of the family, as the fundamental basis of the society.


It is also important that they understand human rights early on, to know that different cultures exist in the world and that each one deserves respect. That principles and values ​​are unbreakable. That the world is not just school, friends and home, that there is much more beyond, that they we should know and be aware of. We can not underestimate them, we must provide them with the opportunities and resources necessary for their education in all aspects.

So do not forget, we have the great responsibility to raise the leaders of tomorrow.

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