Hello World here I go


This is my first post 😊 with which I want to give a review of the most important moments of my life.

The mom in this picture was insecure, nervous but determined to give it all for her baby and do everything perfect for her baby. With Thomas I stayed at home for 6 months. I enjoyed it a lot, he and I were one. It was really hard for me to return to work. I only thought about him and how much he needed me. I breastfed him for 22 months, he did not go to Daycare until 15 months, he was my firstborn 😊.

Then we plan to have our second baby and you say: the second will be easier, you know what to expect, it should not be more complicated one more. And at 4 months of pregnancy, almost halfway, we found out that there were two !.

And if you see me in the second photo, there is a mom with a little more experience and more confident of herself but I was just as nervous. With the same desire, this time not to do the things perfectly but to make my family work. We went from one day to another from 3 to 5 people.

With the twins, I spent 3 months with them at home, and although if I could I would stay longer with them. I was very happy to start working and to have a little more time for myself. They started in the same Daycare as Thomas, very close to my work, so I could go see them at noon and even nurse them. It was 20 months of nursery and yes, they started daycare at 3 months but there is no doubt they are happy and healthy babies.

Currently Thomas is 5-year-old and Ethan & Noah are 1-year-old. The best advice I can give to any mom is to follow her instinct, every mom knows what her babies need, just do what makes you happy. This is how this mom of three, who works 8 hours a day, today managed to make dinner, go to the gym, sleep her kids and in addition to that, write this post for you. Of course, you can do it:

"You never know how strong you are until the only option you have is to be strong"

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