Inspired by talented Venezuelans who share information on different topics on social media, for example:

  • To know about Finance you just have to follow and listen to the podcast @juliofinance
  • To know how to manage your social networks follow @veroruizdelvizo
  • To know all about bilingual children listen to the @bilingualaveneu podcast
  • To know how to face your fears @hellofears
  • To find inspiration listen to the podcast of @erikadlvoficial
  • To know everything about the Venezuelan community in Colombia follow @cedrizuelaoficial

… and so I can go on naming a lot more …

I don't know how much you know about me but besides being the mother of three beautiful children, I am a Computer Engineer and my specialty is in CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) and I would like to do my bit to anyone who needs this, especially to those entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

CRM helps you with the Sales, Service and Marketing processes in any company. In these systems you can register people interested in your services or products until they become customers, you can track communications, launch email campaigns, and also help you during the process of providing the service. You can even save your customers' preferences. In short, I am an advocate believer that using a CRM is the differentiating factor of successful companies in digital times.

Here is the thing... A few years ago I discovered Hubspot who created a CRM in the cloud that you can start using for FREE. Hubspot created a platform that combines software, education and community sense to help companies grow better. The system is really amazing and the resources they publish are of very good quality, they have free certifications and courses. There are many things in English but also Spanish. For some features, you have to pay but the email integration for example with Gmail is free, as well as Email Marketing and Ads.

Here are the links that you can check:

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