Auntie and first time mom


What no one ever told an aunt who would soon be mom...

When I was pregnant with my first child I was already the aunt of my beautiful niece Emily Sofia, who by that time was 1 year old. When she came to the family, the first niece, the first granddaughter, you can not imagine the happiness that was for everyone on the family.

I don't know my sister but I remember that event with such joy and happiness. Being aunt is just awesome, the baby extra-officially is yours while you are with him, you can feed him, try to make him sleep and if he don't want to sleep you give him back to his mom. You play with him, you have fun and if he cry for something you call his mama 😊. If you buy clothes or toys to him from time to time you become the best aunt, her heroine.

Sofia y Yo

So, I thought that if I felt that immense happiness with my niece, with my son that feeling was going to be triple and that would overlap on anything else. And yes it intensifies .... but I did not count with everything that you also feels when having your first child, and I would say today that everything has the same level of intensity.

First let's start with postpartum depression, I thought that was like when you have the menstrual cycle, that it shouldn't be a big deal , maybe some women are more affected by that, but I would be fine. After two pregnancies I think that no one is saved and if it affects you, you become sad for anything, you get mad with your husband for things that you never claimed before, etc ... the important thing is to be aware of this phase and that It's just a phase, that does not mean your life is miserable forever.

Then, all the responsibility that a baby brings, and it is you who have to respond to every cry and because you don't want to live in the doctor, you have to decide when to take it to the doctor, you have to schedule each vaccine and every care. I only found out after the fact that my sister took my niece to the doctor, I never lived with her that moment when you decide: Should I take him to the emergency room? Should I call the doctor? Should I make an appointment? Maybe wait one day ?. My best advice is to follow the instructions of your pediatrician and no one else, read a lot and investigate every problem, so that you are yourself your best counselor.

Buying clothes and toys is no longer so fun, when you realize that they lost their cloth in a few or they get bored of the toy in a few days. If you don't want to go rob a bank, you have to limit yourself and plan every thing you buy.

About the long nights ... I thought: they can not be so difficult, it only requires will power, my sister has always been looser than I 😉. But the issue is not being strong and not sleeping, the problem is how you lack sleep, you feel tired, you get irritated easily, and you're not 100%. Be patient, some day they will also want to rest through the night.

So if you were aunt first before being a mom, you know what I'm talking about  and to the aunts that will be moms soon, remember be happy is a decision and enjoy the magical moments of motherhood it is part of that decision. It costs a little to surpass everything but if you decide it, you can feel that triplicated happiness when you finally have your baby in yours arms.

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