6 years old programming


Thomas is 6 years old and has an incredible curiosity, loves to read, investigate, and do experiments, also likes video games, the computer and the iPad. He says he will be a biologist to be able to research about animals. My husband and I still have hope that he will study computer science like mom and dad, but even if he doesn't like that, nothing stops us from introducing him into the programming :).

Programming teaches you a different way of thinking, I think it is a more structured and organized way of seeing things and solving problems. It definitely gives you a different perspective of seeing things.

We have found the perfect program for children. We had already tried another one from Apple but this one, I think is more suitable for children. It's called Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Lab. There is also another similar site that works on the iPad called Snap.

We got the book "How to code your own Games" in Barnes & Nobles, the book contains all the instructions that you must follow in the Website. This is not the only book there are several all are by the author Max Wainewright. Thomas already create several games, one is about a pirate ship, which when he gets a treasure shows a message that says: "You found the treasure". Definitely very recommended for everyone in the family who want to learn how to code.

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