Getting ready for Remote Learning


It is no secret to anyone that this beginning of the 2020 - 2021 school year is more stressful than any other. But if you add to that that I have two children starting elementary school in Kindergarten, it is just more emotional. My three children are going to go to the same school, here we were given the choice if we wanted 100% remote or a hybrid model with three (3) remote days and two (2) days at school. My husband and I have decided to go for the hybrid model. 

So, I wanted to be prepared as best I can for those remote days. I like having the house organized to make life easier for us with three children. Here is how we prepare a desk for each one with comfortable chairs and all the tools at hand. For my peace of mind, no one will be able to tell me I don't have an iPad charget or sharpener. Thomas in 4th grade will be using a Chromebook and the twins in Kindergarten will be using iPads.

We decided they need desks in separate rooms so they can focus. The days that they will be from home, they will have to follow a specific schedule and it is possible that everyone will be in Zoom meetings at the same time, in addition to my husband and I conferences. 

Tres niños Tres escritorios

All the desks are from IKEA, it is difficult to find them but on the website you can check if there is availability or not and when they arrive. The desk lamps look nice but not very practical, here is the list of things that I think are quite useful:


 Any doubt or question let me know. I hope this is useful for a mom. 

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