My baby is turning 6


My baby is 6 years old today and I am 6 years old as a mom. I know, I know, is no longer a baby and my husband remind me that every day, but for me he will always be my baby that I still want to care and coddle as much as possible.

Thomas, on your 6th birthday and every day I want you to know that I love you with all my soul, and it will always be so. Seriously, I never thought you could love so much, until you came into my life. I'm in love with your dad with all my soul, but the love I felt and feel for you is so great, intense and inexplicable, that only mothers can understand it.

Thomas y Yo

Thank you for teaching me to be a mom, for reminding me every day what is really important in life, just by seeing you. I also want to tell you that I want you to be a happy child, if something mom has learned in life is that being happy it is a decision and only you can make that decision for yourself. I'll try to remind you every time I can and you need it.

I am very proud of you, you are smart, curious, sensitive, handsome, cautious and fun at the same time, your way of dancing is unique, you cannot ask for more of a son. I think you are the perfect union of the best of your dad and me :). Today at 6 years of age you still need me to fall asleep and even if I move you to your room you usually come back to my bed, and although sometimes I need my space, I must confess that I know that I will miss when you no longer want to sleep in my bed.

When I remember my childhood, the most I can go back in my memory is when I was 5 or 6 years old, just like you are now. So today more than ever I promise to create those unforgettable memories so that you enjoy your childhood as much as I am doing.

I love you from here to infinity and beyond ...

Your favorite mom

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