Nursing Twins ... my experience


I would like to tell you about my experience with breastfeeding to help moms who need encouragement in this process, before I forget everything.

When Thomas was born I was very determined to give him exclusive breastfeeding and on demand no matter how much it cost. They were very long nights but it was as I planed. Thomas only tried a bottle before leaving the clinic because I still did not produce milk and then at home was exclusive breastfeeding when he wanted. I was six months on maternity leave at work, dedicated 100% to my baby. When I started working, Thomas did not take a bottle, so my mom took care of him and feed him with a spoon. He was still breastfeeding, taking one time in the morning and then at 3pm when I got home from work, and another before bed and maybe at midnight. I never used the breast pump.

It was difficult at first but afterwards I enjoyed it very much, the connection and relationship of the two was very special. I would not change anything. I stopped nursing when Thomas was 1 year old and 9 months old because he still did not sleep the whole night at that age and I thought it was time he learned to sleep without me.

When the twins were born, I was confident I wanted to try exclusive breastfeeding for at least three months, however, I was quite open to the idea that they would take formula if needed. Because they were premature babies were closely monitored the weight and the first few days I did not get as much milk and were not gaining weight, so we chose to feed them with milk from the breast milk bank in the hospital to supplement them.

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Then, we had to move to formula because I still did not get enough for both of them. I tried to give them and also stimulated me with the breast pump every hour. Noah had to stay in the hospital a few more days and sometimes I could not be with the two babies at the time they had to eat, so that first week I tried to breastfeed them, if I had pumped I gave it to one of the babies and if not formula.

Then when we were all in the house, I tried to feed them both on demand but it was really exhausting, because they took too long to eat or they fell asleep, and it felt like they were stuck to me all day. I also continued with the pumping from time to time to stimulate and soon began to extract large amounts, which made it much easier to give them my milk in a bottle at the time that corresponded to each one and that it was what worked best. I pumped every hour 1 or 2 hours and always had milk for the next two meals of each baby. I had more free time because my mom or my husband could feed them.

If we went out, I would simply breastfeed them, so I did not have to pump outside. I also always breastfeed at night to make them sleep more easily. The same as waking up in the morning because I always woke up full of milk, especially if it had rested.

That's how we continued for three months. Until it was time to start working and they had to go to day care. At that moment I made the decision to make my life not so complicated. I decided that I would not pump at work and that I would send formula to the Day Care. But I would continue to breastfeed them in the morning and at night. And so it was ... I was really expert on the technic and I was able to feed them to both at the same time.

When they were 8 months old and they were already eating solid, I started to skip the morning breastfeeding so they had breakfast and we stayed with only the one of the night for 1 year more.

Again, with the twins it was difficult at first but then everything becomes so natural. If you have any questions or want to ask me about this topic, let me know. At the end all the effort will be worth believe me. Follow your instinct do what works best for your family. Watch here how Ethan and Noah enjoyed this time.

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