iPad and my kids


My husband and I are computer engineers and therefore advocates and fans of technology, however, at the same time we worry about the time that our children spend in front of the iPad, computer, etc. and also how to control how much of what they spend on the iPad is seeing appropriate content for their ages ?.

When children are small is much easier to control what they see. Now with YouTube Kids content filter is convenient. If you have only one child is easier to entertain him, but things were more complicated when we went from 1 child to 3, and also for Thomas, YouTube Kids was no longer enough. The truth, during some time it was easy to give them the iPad to be able to make dinner, clean up the house or have a cup of coffee. But time passes very quickly and when you realize they have spent 3 hours watching videos, when they should spend only 1 hour.

Well my husband found the solution Circle with Disney, is a device that connects to your Wifi network. It brings a Mobile Application, where you create profiles for each child. Circle monitors time and automatically blocks content that it is not suitable for the kid's age. Everything is completely configurable. Once the time usage per day have been finish, Circle blocks the connection for the kid device(s) and they cannot longer see anything on the internet. There are exceptions for us, Example: FaceTime at any time without limit to call the family.

Check the link, we have almost a year using it. When the time is up at first they cried or complained a little, but then know that when it's over is time to save the iPad. Then, they themselves look for what to do, go out, read a book, etc. I hope this is of help for someone, tell me if anyone has any advice for this problem of children 2.0 :)

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