Twins, my dream come true 


My fraternal twins, a dream I never thought would come true. As a kid I was interested in twins, and I remember asking my mom if it would be possible for me to have twins, and she said well a cousin's daughter had twins or your great-grandmother was a twin, but I saw that so far that it seemed impossible to me.

When we found out I was pregnant. We went to the doctor he listened one heart and said: at 20 weeks we planned the ultrasound. We told the family and here you can see the video of that news.

At three months, it seemed like I had a lot of belly, my mom even cried when she saw my first pregnant picture, she didn't expected that big belly. I was feeling a lot of discomfort and nausea over the pregnancy, much more than with Thomas. Something told me that all this was not "normal". The night before the ultrasound, I was in bed talking to my husband and I said:

"I am afraid that tomorrow they will tell us that there are two"

I meant it, but he took it as a joke and said well great two at same time! and we changed the subject. In the ultrasound the girl tells us without any anesthesia: "Yes here I can see the two heads of both babies", And we almost at the same time asked the two?!. And she says: ah you did not know there were two? To which we replied: No! She continued to measure each baby as she didn't said anything big to us. I put my hand on the head and left it during the whole ultrasound, my husband drew a nervous smile on his face, he grabbed my hand the whole time.

My Twins

After that, my only concern was to have two healthy babies and that's how it was, I thank God every day for that. After 1 year and 10 months I can tell you that watching two babies grow at the same time is really a wonderful experience. It is true what they say that when they are young the work is not exactly double, maybe 1 3/4, because you do things in series, instead of preparing a bottle, you do two at the same time, however, you wash twice the number of bottles (ask my husband about it, he was in charge of that task for 1 year). The long nights are doubles, the cost is double,  but the happiness too :). Here you can see one of the magical moments we have witnessed.

Later I'll tell you how it was to breastfeed twins and feed them at the same time, how we do to make them sleep. What I can tell now is...things get easier with time.

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