Confessions of a Working Mom


I am a mom who works 5 days a week during business hours, I like my job even if it sometimes has its up and downs. I never felt as guilty as the day I returned to work after having the twins, I was so happy to go back to work and resume the "Normal" routine.

Despite enjoying what I do, the only things that don’t let me sleep are:

  • Ethan does not want to eat enough vegetables and therefore does not go to the bathroom regularly.
  • Thomas Birthday party is approaching and we still do not decide which character he likes.
  • Noah has spent almost 3 weeks with a cold in the middle of winter.
  • I wonder if they will have enough fresh clothes for spring and summer? Will the shoes already tighten?
  • Alejandro and I have to find time to see the chapter that has just been released of the show we like.
  • Where will we spend the next vacation?

Those kinds of things are the ones that really have priority in my mind. And although eventually there is a meeting at work that I have to be prepare for, none of my work get done at home, unless everyone has had enough dinner, they have taken a bath, have a glass of milk before going to sleep, they are wearing clean pajamas, we have read a book and they are as sleep on their beds.

So, there are many times I have to prepare a power point at midnight, or send an email at 1am, but I am happy to know that everyone has what they need from me. They are the priority in my life, they will grow fast that and I'll miss these times.

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