• Getting ready for Remote Learning

    Getting ready for Remote Learning
    It is no secret to anyone that this beginning of the 2020 - 2021 school year is more stressful than any other. But if you add to that that I have two children starting elementary school in Kindergarten, it is just more emotional. My three children are going to go to the same school, here we were given the choice if we wanted 100%...
  • Mama bilingüe aprendiendo (3 años después)

    Mama bilingüe aprendiendo (3 años después)
    ¿Si le hablo a mi hijo en español será suficiente para que lo aprenda? ¿Le enseño a leer en español? ¿Tengo que seguir el mismo ritmo de su escuela? ¿Se retrasará en su escuela si le enseño nuevas cosas en español? ¿Busco una maestra de español? ¿Dónde consigo información? ¿Le pregunto al doctor? Estas fueron algunas..
  • 6 years old programming

    6 years old programming
    Thomas is 6 years old and has an incredible curiosity, loves to read, investigate, and do experiments, also likes video games, the computer and the iPad. He says he will be a biologist to be able to research about animals. My husband and I still have hope that he will study computer science like mom and dad, but even if he doesn't like that,...
  • Confessions of a Working Mom

    Confessions of a Working Mom
    I am a mom who works 5 days a week during business hours, I like my job even if it sometimes has its up and downs. I never felt as guilty as the day I returned to work after having the twins, I was so happy to go back to work and resume the "Normal" routine. Despite enjoying what I do, the only things...
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